Mexico RV Caravan Tours

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Previous Customers:

Previous customers who have taken a trip of less than 35 days will receive a 7.5% discount
Previous customers who have taken a trip of over 35 days will receive a discount of 15%

Note: Days means official caravan days, not voluntary waiting for a later caravan to come through.


Singles receive $250 off Copper Canyon, $500 off Colonial & $750 off Yucatan (US dollars)

Special Skills:

We will discount for certain skills. For example a fluent Spanish Speaker offering to give lessons to customers


We will discount 3% for cash paid at the border. Maximum amounts to be determined.

Other Discounts:

At itmes we offer discounts to things like Clubs, RV show discounts and that sort of thing


Discounts cannot likely be combined in all cases. Airstream trips may be different as they are contracted to us